Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot gives us an updated demonstration of the extremely versatile Element 3D plugin for After Effects! If you use Element 3D in your workflow, then you know how much time you can save doing 3D animations directly in After Effects. Version 2.2 offers a ton of powerful new features that will take your motion graphics to the next level!

Improved user experience

Besides a boost to speed and performance, Element 3D v2 adds improvements to importing and working with 3D meshes and materials. Object grouping has also been updated, making it easy to work with and animate complex 3D models all within the plugin.


More New Features:

  • Real-time physical shading of objects using environment maps
  • Realistic shadows, ambient occlusion, and reflections between objects
  • Advanced rigging for animation of mesh objects
  • Sub-surface scattering for creating translucent materials like skin or leaves
  • Enhanced multi-sampling for smoothing out fine details