Animate Like A Pro

Easy Camera will allow you to quickly animate beautiful cinematic camera moves in After Effects using no special plugins or scripts. This versatile camera rig will give you complete control over the look of your camera animations, impressing your clients and saving you valuable design time.

Once you make Easy Camera part of your motion graphics workflow you will immediately see an improvement in the quality of your camera animations. Just set keyframes for your beginning and ending camera angles and let Easy Camera do the rest!

Simple and Effective

Easy Camera does not use any special plugins or scripts so there is no need to install anything. Simply import the included .AEP file into your project and copy & paste the rig into any composition. Easy Camera is controlled entirely with simple After Effects expressions!

Time-Saving Features:

  1. Precision Controls for rig position, rotation, camera tracking, depth of field, and auto-focus
  2. Speed Parameters for automatic movement and rotation – animate without any keyframes
  3. Easily create orbiting and spiraling camera moves around 3D objects
  4. Give your animations a hand-held look with organic motion
  5. No scripts or plugins required – simply copy and paste the rig into any composition
  6. Works great with Trapcode plugins and Video Copilot Optical Flares & Element 3D*
  7. Low price – it will pay for itself on your very first project!

Example Animations Made With Easy Camera:


Some users of After Effects CC have experienced an issue when using Easy Camera with Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin – adding a light to the scene will cause some of the expressions to time out – I am working to resolve this issue. Everyone who has purchased a copy of Easy Camera will be provided with free product updates as they are made ready for release.