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Author: Dave Currie

Video Copilot Element 3D v2 – First Look!

Andrew Kramer of Video Copilot gives us a demonstration of the next exciting update to the extremely versatile Element 3D plugin for After Effects! If you use Element 3D in your workflow, then you know how much time you can save doing 3D animations directly in After Effects. Version 2.2 offers a ton of powerful new features that will take your motion graphics to the next level! Exciting New Features Besides a boost to speed and performance, Element 3D v2 adds improvements to importing and working with 3D meshes and materials. Object grouping has also been updated, making it easy to...

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Motion Drop – Free Cinema 4D Plugin

Motion Drop is a FREE Cinema 4D plugin from This plugin allows you to create organic looking animated cartoon drops and sweeping lines in Cinema 4D with minimum effort and maximum customization. With a little Xpresso you can connect Motion Drop to a Sound Effector and generate your animations using a music track. The possibilities for interesting animations are endless! See It In Action:   Download Motion Drop Now: Download...

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Thor : The Dark World – VFX Breakdown

Blur Studio has released a breakdown of their stunning visual effects work on the second installment of the Marvel Films’ Thor franchise. The 3-minute opening battle scene was created almost entirely in post but the characters and environments are hyper-realistic. With a combination of live action footage, digital motion capture and character design, and plenty of skilled compositing, this epic sequence puts the audience right in the middle of the action. Blur’s co-founder Tim Miller headed up the project: This project hit on so many sweet spots for Blur, combining live action performance with photo-real CG action, actors and sets. This was one of those projects where everything just lined up. Our vision for the prologue seemed to sync perfectly with what Marvel felt the film needed. The final sequence includes a total of 75 different shots, more than a third of which were completely CG, with digital characters seamlessly intercut with live action performers. The prologue was completed in just 12-weeks from concept to...

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